Power On Usb Wireless Adaptor DMG-01

dmg01aReview : Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter allows you to connect your laptop or desktop to any Wireless-G networks in your home or office. The Wireless-G (802.11G) USB 2.0 Adapter is great for those who want to upgrade older computers to be able to access the internet over a Wireless-G network. Wireless-G networks allow for high speed data transfers, online gaming, and lightning fast downloads. The Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter gives you access to all the high-speed features of Wireless-G networks on older and newer computers. Its simple and easy setup means you'll be surfing the internet, downloading movies, and e-mail in no time.


Specs :  1 x usb adapter-G,  1 x 80cm USB cable,  1 x 5dbi antenna,  1 x CD drive


Datasheet : pdf_teliko 

Drivers : icon-driver-download_small    

DoC : cesmall