Element Gamepad GM-700W

GM-700BT_aAReview : The newest wireless Digital Element GM-700W is convenient game controller well suited for all action games, simulations as well as other games’ fans using PlayStation3.Wireless Bluetooth Technology gives you felling of total freedom (operating range up to 10m), so you are no more chained to your desk or console while playing. Now, sitting comfortable in soft armchair or lying on the sofa, you can take part in most exciting battles of your life.Precisely tuned analog and digital triggers allow full control of movements during game action..The vibration motors used in GM-700W pad, being the part of .Dual vibration feedback system, provide a lot of realism in games.

Specs : gamepad Bluetooth for PS/3 Consoles

Effective working range: up to 10m

12 action buttons (including 2 buttons in analog sticks)

2 playing modes: analog/digital

Strong vibration motors for Dual vibration feedback effect

PS/3 compatible


Data sheet : pdf Element_gamepad_GM700.pdf